Dear Viewer,
We create original Islamic Art and Designs based on traditional Islamic calligraphy and geometric patterns.

Our patterns are created ‘from scratch’ without scanning or electronic copying of existing Islamic geometric designs. However, we acknowledge the magnificent heritage of the master Muslim craftspeople as inspiration for our designs.
Our aim is to produce beautiful Islamic art based on the traditional principles of harmony and symmetry.
Our original pattern designs are produced in scalable vector format so that they can be printed with accurate and crisp lines to any size limited only by the resolution capabilities of the printer. The designs are suitable for decorations, ornamentation, cards, book covers, borders, bookmarks, letterheads, calendars, etc. We showcase some of our artwork here in non-scalable format. We can create scalable files to custom order or you may wish to purchase accurate poster prints of our artwork direct.

Below: Fine Art Poster Prints & Card Galleries

Top left: Emerald Firmament.
Above: Shahadah Screen
Below: Ayat Al Nur; Holy Quran 24:35 "Light upon Light".
Next below: Moving Shahadah on octagons.
Below again: Star Shahadah on Octagon.
Final poster: The Mysterious Fuard, The Heart of the Heart of the Qur'an. 36:58

Poster print sizes up to A3 & A3+,
Vector patterns & Graphics scalable size as requested.
up to A4, cards 6 x 10cm, A5, or as prints up to A4
on choice of Epsom 'Premium Photo Paper Glossy' or 'Epsom Archival Matt'. Printed on Epsom Stylus Photo R1900. Poster & Prints delivery by postage tube. Cards flat pack. Prices on application to Enquiries email top right.

A5 Cards with envelopes.

1. Shahadah Mosque

Australian landscapes
2. Without any Pillars.
Wilson Prom. Squeaky Beach.

3. Sunset Beach.
Inverloch, Sth. Gippsland.

4. The Wide Earth.
Shallow Inlet, Sth Gippsland.

These cards are available in A5 size with envelope, printed on Epsom Archival mat or premium Gloss Photo paper mounted on white or cream card stock.